The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards are intended to honour achievement in the Greek shipping community. For most of the Awards, ‘Greek’ is defined as based in Greece or else of Greek ‘ethnicity’ if based outside Greece.

In the case of service Awards, non-Greek companies are also eligible but must be demonstrably active in the Greek shipping marketplace. The judges’ decision on eligibility will be final.

Members of the judging panel personally and any companies in which they participate as principals or managers are not eligible for Awards adjudicated by the panel in 2024.

Past winners of the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards may again be nominated in 2024 and are eligible to win the same Award again or any other category.

The sole exception is the Lifetime Achievement Award, which may not be won twice by the same individual or entity. Individuals and companies can also enter themselves. The organisers encourage this.


Nominations will be accepted at any time up until the published closing date of Friday 18 October 2024.

Nominations in writing can be made by any person involved in any maritime sector, limited to one nomination per category per person.

Nominations can now be made online through the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards website.

Alternatively,  you can send nominations in writing by simple e-mail or fax to:

Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards
Fax: +30 210 4291196
[email protected]

Important: Whichever method of sending your nominations you choose, nominations MUST include:

  1. Your name,
  2. Your company,
  3. Contact address and telephone number
  4. and/or fax number
  5. and/or e-mail.

If not typed, all contact information must be CLEARLY PRINTED.

All nominations MUST be:

  1. written in the English language,
  2. clearly legible,
  3. clearly state category of Award and nominated company or individual (as appropriate) in as many or as few categories as you wish, and
  4. include clear and precise reasons why your candidate would be a worthy winner of the particular Award, in no more than 500 words for each nominee/category.

The Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards are adjudicated based on the QUALITY of the nomination, NOT on the number of entries received for any particular candidate. It is much better to submit one GOOD nomination detailing the reason the entity is eligible for an Award than to enlist support with multiple ‘votes’ which do not provide any further information for the Judges.

Lloyd’s List reserves all rights to exclude any nomination that is improperly submitted or arrives after the 2024 nominations deadline. Thereafter, all decisions on the eligibility of candidates will be made by the judging panel.

Criteria & Adjudication

An independent judging panel representing a broad cross-section of the Greek shipping community and impartial experts in the industry will assess nominations and decide the recipients of all Awards, with the sole exceptions of ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ (winner to be decided by the editorial staff of Lloyd’s List) and the Lloyd’s List Intelligence Big Data Award (winner to be decided by Lloyd’s List Intelligence).

In the case of ‘Seafarer of the Year’ the panel will adjudicate based on a shortlist of nominees exclusively drawn up by the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation.

Our distinguished panel will be asked to assess the candidates in each field objectively and, with the exception of the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ category, to attach most importance to meritorious activity in the last year (defined as 2023-24, with particular emphasis on the 12-month period up to October 2024).

Specific criteria for adjudicating the Awards are not established by the organisers, and may differ broadly from Award to Award.

The Judging Panel is free to adopt its own criteria and its decisions are final.

Suggested criteria may include, but are not limited to: business success, quality, growth, exemplary initiative, financial results, share price, investment, integrity, service, safety, environmental record, commercial acumen, technical or operational performance, employment, innovation, good corporate citizenship, or any other criteria the panel individually or collectively wishes to take into consideration, depending on the Award category.

The winners (with the exception of the ‘Newsmaker of the Year Award’,  and the ‘Lloyd’s List Intelligence Big Data Award’), will be decided by the panel.

Exceptionally Lloyd’s List has the right to directly decide the winner of any Award only if

  1. for extraordinary reasons the panel has been unable to meet, or
  2. the panel has declined to select a winner in one or more of the categories.

The judges’ deliberations and selections, to be decided democratically, are at their own discretion and the panel’s decisions are final.


Please respect the Awards scheme and the judges.

Lobbying members of the judging panel is not allowed and the organisers reserve the right to disqualify any nominated individual, company or organisation if a complaint is received from a member of our panel.

Sponsorship Enquiries

Natassa Vassilaki
Tel +30 6944 730 635
[email protected]

Nomination Enquiries

Tel: +30 210 42.91.195
Email: [email protected]