Our VIRTUAL 2020 Awards Ceremony is dedicated to Greek shipping’s virtues

For the first time, the 2020 Awards will unfold excitingly before an even larger, worldwide online audience.

For the first time since its launch in 2004, the drama of the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards will not play out in front of a packed house in Athens.

Instead, the 2020 Awards – the world’s best-supported shipping awards event – will unfold excitingly before an even larger, worldwide online audience.

The Greek Shipping Awards over the years is used to attracting audiences of 1,000 or more guests and has become an unmissable annual event for the Greek shipping community and its partners. Our aim is to ensure that this year is no exception.

Accordingly, we have decided to hold our 2020 event as a Virtual Awards Ceremony, guaranteeing the quality of the event and protecting the health of our many friends, colleagues and supporters in the maritime community.

Although going Virtual has been dictated by responsibility, this year’s format offers some key benefits. Among these are a boundless opportunity to win new friends and attract greater attention than ever before to the achievements of Greek shipping, comprising both industry leaders and unsung heroes as well as emerging talent from a new generation involved in the business.

In grappling with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Greek shipping has once again proved its adaptability and durability, continuing to play a major role in ensuring vital commodities and goods are transported by sea to their destinations. Many of the industry’s service partners have also risen to the challenges, innovating with new technologies or services that have enabled the country’s shipowners to operate globally with little or no interruption.

Maintaining high levels of efficiency, safety and service under these circumstances, while successfully protecting the health of employees ashore and at sea, is a remarkable achievement that the industry as a whole can take pride in.

Overcoming adversity in the coronavirus era is sure to be a theme running through this year’s Greek Shipping Awards. We look forward to a particularly strong field of candidates that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in tackling the problems engendered by the pandemic, or else other types of meritorious achievement despite the pandemic.

Once again, a prestigious, knowledgeable industry panel of judges will assess all nominations and have the responsibility of deciding the winners of this year’s Awards.

We look forward to you joining us on Friday, December 4, 2020 for this year’s Virtual Greek Shipping Awards.